About Me
About Me

I am a filmmaker all my life. I was 14 years old in 1979 when created my  first 16mm film in an amateur studio.

Five years of study at the VGIK - All-Russian State University of Cinematography (Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography ) and graduated as documentary filmdirector and cameraman.

In worldwide productions I have been working since 1994 from the remarkable BBC documentary series "Russian Wonderland"  

My experience covers a variety of roles in making films and programmes for BBC, Nat Geo, Discovery, Arte, Ch4, PBS, CBS, CBC, France 2, ORF, NOS etc.

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Production Credits , Video and Gallery   




  • NASA 60th ANNIVERSARY| Baikonur and Star City filming | MOXIE FILMS, Malibu for Discovery (current, TX 2018)

  • BBC World Service/BBC Arabic TV Documentaries| MURDER IN TURKEY| 1hr documentary, Russian filming.

  • IMG Prod, UK |Olympic Equestrian Reels| 2x1min 

  • ONE BELT ONE ROAD | 4x12min series | China Business Network Media CBNTV

  • Debevoise & Plimpton promotion video 5 min |Moving Pictures US

  • Cai Studio| THE PUSHKIN SHOW (working title) 90 min feature documentary

  • GRAND CIRCLE TRAVEL | 2 x 8 min series | NEEDaFIXER for Compass Light 


  • Current Time TV RFE/RL | "AIRPORT DONETSK" | Director and DOP | documentary, 37min
- 2015, National "Laurel Branch Award for" The Best Short Documentary Film, 2015
-2015 Official Selection ARTDOCFEST Riga, St-Petersburg, Moscow
-2016 Official Selection FLICKERFEST, BAFTA Qualifying, Sydney, Australia
-2016 International Selection INPUT, Calgary,Canada
-2016 Official Nominee BAFTA Cymru Carmarthen Bay Film Festival, Llanelli, Wales, UK
-2016 Official Selection Gdansk DocFilm Festival, Poland

  • BBC HARDtalk On The Road with Stephen Sackur. | Russia, Far East.

  • Reef TV for BBC2| LENINGRAD AND THE ORCHESTRA THAT DEFIED HITLER| 60min documentary, second camera.

  • ITV for The Science Channel |SECRET SPACE ESCAPES| Russian part for 8hr science TV programme

  • Seconde Vogue Prod., France for ARTE | “ESPIONS POUR LA PLANETE” | 

  • IFAW Newborn Saiga Antelopes Story. Wild nature programme.| 20 min
  • Quince Media for AlJazeera Special Series| IN SEARCH OF PUTIN'S RUSSIA | 2x24 min series


  • BBC Scotland| INVESTIGATES. GANGSTERS.COM| Russian part in 1hr doc
  • RAW TV for Discovery Channel| UNEXPLANED FILES| 3x12 min episodes


  • CBC| DOCZONE - DEFYING PUTIN, 52 min documentary|
  • IMG Prod for TWS| YOUNG SPORT STARS| 4x12 portrets
  • BlinkFilms for Discovery| WORLDS TOP 5  -  GIANT CRANES, SUPER HELICOPTERS| 2x12 min episodes
  • Beyond Prod for Discovery| EXTREME WORLD - CANE THERAPY| 12min story


  • Nutopia for Discovery | HOW WE INVENTED THE WORLD – KALASHNIKOV  russsian episode, 52 min| 
  • WindfallFilms (UK) for Discovery | COUNTDOWN TO COLLISION, Episode 6, ARCTIC ICEBREAKER | 50 min
  • BBC One | THE ONE SHOW , Bolshoy Ballet Scholl |  Squences in Russia
  • Beyond Productins Australia for National Geographic |TABOO, Series 9, "Ice Swimming", 24 min| current, editing

  • The Economist, UK | Moscow Protests on the 4th February


  • WindfallFilms (UK) for National Geographic | BIG BIGGER THE BIGGEST - ICEBREAKING TANKER, 45 min
  • BBC PANORAMA| From Russia with Love |
  • Mir Reality for Discovery | "I Want a House Abroad", 40x12 min |
  • Artline Films for Arte | AUDIEU CAMARADES/ FAREWELL COMRADES,| Rusian Part in  multimedia documentary project| Directed by Andrei Nekrasov
  • Blink Films for PBS,WDNET |Secret of Dead: THE WORLDS BIGGEST BOMB-TSAR BOMB| 60min


  • Matchlight for BBC1 | IMAGINE:THE TROUBLE WITH TOLSTOY presented Alan Yentob, 2x52min|
  • Beyond Productins Australia for National Geographic | TABOO Series 7 - Leg Lengthening Story, 24min|


  • BBC THIS WORLD | STALIN IS BACK with John Sweeney (part)

  • PBS| WORLD IN FOCUS | 2x12min Reportage

  • BBC SPORT | Olympic Dreams (Russian part) |

  • HDNet | WORLD REPORT– Star City with Greg Dobbs, 50 min|


  • France2 | Un Oeil Sur La Planete – Krimea |

  • Roch Prod. for France2| STALIN'S LAST PLOT , 52 min|

  • Animal Planet | Untamed and Uncut (Russian part)|

  • Al Jazeera | People & Power – SILENT VOICES, 2x20 min |


  • HDNet |WORLD REPORT – NASHI with Greg Dobbs, 50 min|

  • France2 | Un Oeil Sur La Planete – Khanty-Mansiysk |

  • Arte | 1917 La Revolution Russe , 104min |

  • ITN Factual for Discovery | THE WORLDS RICHEST, 3x20min|

  • Darlow Smithson for National Geographic | SITUATION CRITICAL - Russian Submarine, 50 min (Russian part)


  • BBC THIS WORLD | VODKA IS MY POISON , presented John Sweeney, 52 min
  • BBC Classical Music| ”The Bolt” , D.Shostakovich ballet (part)

  • Darlow Smithson for National Geographic | SECONDS FROM DISASTER - Russian Nuclear Submarine “Kursk”, 50 min (Russian part)


  • ITN-Factual for Discovery| The Head, The Body and The Brain, 52min (Rusian part)|
  • Alegria Prod. for BBC, ZDF, Arte | COMMUNIST JOKES

  • ITN-Factual for Discovery| EURO RICH/Made in Europe, 59 min

  • Oxford Films for BBC| RUSSIAN GOD FATHERS, 3x60 min (part)

  • BBC Sport| The 25th Anniversary of Moscow Olympics|


  • Darlow Smithson for National Geographic| SECONDS FROM DISASTER –Unsolved Flight KAL 007, 57 min (Russian part)
  • BBC THIS WORLD | ONE DAY OF WAR - Chechnya Sapper's Story, 24min

  • October Films for BBC| UKRAINE IN ORANGE REVOLUTION, 50min

  • 3BMTV (UK) for Channel 4| TEN DAYS TO VICTORY, 2x60 min (part)

  • Fulmar West for BBC| CARTOONIST IN THE FIRE LINE, 20min

  • 3BMTV (UK) for Channel 4| WARLORDS, 4x52min (Russian part)

  • Periscope Pictures (US) | A MOMENT ON EARTH – Russia

  • BBC THIS WORLD| COMING OF AGE – Russian Nazi Story

  • Wilton Films for ORF| BACK TO SIBERIA, 24 min


  • Two Hundred Films/Alegria for BBC/Arte/PBS| THE RUSSIAN NEWSPAPER


  • Wilton Films for BBC4| HOT SPOT: CHECHNYA, 60 min


  • Brighton Films/Electric Sky for Discovery| THE MUMMIES TRILOGY – SIBERIAN

PRINCESS, 50 min


  • Open University for BBC| THE PEARL OF SIBERIA, LAKE BAIKAL, 30 min

  • John Gwyn Prod for Channel4| WAR SURGERY -SECOND WORLD WAR, 90min

  • BBC School| THE FALL OF THE USSR, 30min

  • Wilton Films for PBS/TLS| "GREETINGS FROM GROZNY" | DOP and Reporter| 56 min

-Cine Golden Eagle Award, Spring 2003
-Winner FIPA 2003 Prix de Jury de 15 ans
-Edward R Murrow Award
-Silver Hugo for Television at the 39th Chicago International Television Awards
  • Old Street Films for BBC| MADE IN BRITAN: THE STORY OF THE SHOEBOMBER, 30 min (part)


  • First Circle Films for Channel4| TRUE STORIES"SOLDAT" | Director and Cameraman | 76 min

- Special Prize of the Jury «Mention Speciale» FIPA 2002
-The top ten non-fiction, Cologne 2002
Special Prize at Human Rights film festival Stalker, Moscow 2011
The Best Non-Fictin Film , nomination ”Laurel Branch”, Moscow 2011 

  • BBC2 Timewatch| THE BATTLE FOR BERLIN, 90min ( Russian part)

  • Radio Liberty| 3x20 sec ads

  • MBC for BBC | STELLA RIMINGTON, 50 min (Russian part)

  • Wall to Wall for Discovery Europe| EUROCOPS - Moscow, 120 min

  • ACP for Channel 4| CONJOINED TWINGS – MASHA AND DASHA, 50min


  • Wilton Films for ORF| MEDIEN, MACHT UND MAFIA , 52 min

  • Opus TV | Few Stories of Modern Russian Musicians and Composers

  • IFAW | Seals Commercial Explotation, 24/52 min


  • Ninox Films for New Zeland TV | STORY OF MIKHAIL LERMONTOV, SUNK LINER, 20 MIN (Russian part)
  • Mosaic Films for BBC2 | RETURN TO RUSSIAN WONDERLAND, 2 of 8 Stories


  • Films of Record for Channel 4|International Consulting Group in Russia, 40min

  • BBC/Sky News/ Reuter/NOS/ France2/TV3| NEWS PORGRAMMES


  • Elsash Prod for Global Vision Network| Series of short programs – Current Life

  • Mosaic Films for Channel 4 | “IVANOV” GOES TO MOSCOW, starring Ralph Fiennes, 50min (part)
  • Mosaic Films for The UK Foreign Office/ the British Council | YURY DOLGORUKY, HOW DO YOU DO?, 50 min


  • Rapido TV | EUROTRASH – Alla Pugacheva


  • Mosaic Films for BBC2 | RUSSIAN WONDERLAND, 2 of 10 stories


Andrei Erastov.


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